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Landscaping: Yard Portfolio Videos



Watch the video portfolios of different yards we have designed and constructed around Calgary. Each of these yards incorporated the theme of focus from the customer and was designed with flow and comfort to attain the best outdoor living space for our customers.

Backyard Pool on Heritage Lake
Heritage Lake Pool
Retaining Wall Comparison - Style and Structure
Retaining Wall Comparison
Acreage Landscaping with Garden and Sunroom
View this Bearspaw Acreage yard landscaping with raised garden and sunroom living space
Winston Heights Landscaping Portfolio
View this modern outdoor living space in Winston Heights
Lynx Ridge Landscaping Portfolio 002
View this Lynx Ridge yard landscaping
Auburn Bay Landscaping Portfolio
View this Auburn Bay sloped yard with landscaping features such as retaining walls, outdoor fireplace structure and a bubblerock water feature
Bonavista Landscaping Portfolio 002
View this tranquil Bonavista yard featuring a pond, waterfall, outdoor fireplace, patio dining area and more
Heritage Pointe Landscaping Portfolio
This SE Calgary yard design incorporated retaining walls to level the sloped yard as well as an outdoor pool and pergola
Bonavista Landscaping Portfolio 001 on the Beach
This SE Calgary yard is located on the lake and has terraces of retaining for spaces such as putting, patio, dining and outdoor kitchen
Lynx Ridge Landscaping Portfolio 001 with Pool
This NW Calgary yard is located in Lynx Ridge
Bearspaw Acreage Landscaping Portfolio
This NW Calgary acreage required large retaining stone to frame the large spaces as well as security gates and a childrens play area
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