Watch the start of landscaping construction on this Calgary yard where the new sports court was designed for backyard basketball, pickle ball and hockey in the winter with permanent boards.

Due to the slope in the yard, the first stage of construction is measuring out the space from the design plan, removing the sod and then starting to level the ground.

After digging the yard to level the sports court area, the first cement was poured to frame the sports court on the higher end of the property. This allowed the team to level the patio and prep the upper area including stairs with fill and rebar.

This trip with the cement truck could be handled by the team with wheel barrows and was timed perfectly to create a beautiful poured cement structure on the upper part of the yard.

The sports court floor was levelled and prepped with rebar for support. With the heat of the summer, the cement hardens quickly so the team has to be well organized to properly pour the cement into a clean level finish. Watch the team work their magic while they complete the cement work for the new sports court floor.

In our fourth video we can see the cement floor and structure is complete and we are now installing the permanent hockey boards.

The sports court was designed with stairs stepping down into the court and rink where there is a gate in the hockey boards for easy access from the yard. There is a second gate mid court parallel to the fence again for easy access down to the lower part of the yard.

The sports court was designed and constructed with metal mounts in the cement for the basketball nets on either side of the court. These basketball mounts can be seen on a few shots in the fourth video just outside of the hockey boards.

As The Landscape Artist team nears completion of the Sports Court project, they watched the weather to find a series of three consecutive days to pour the sports court coating. The coatings were poured with four different stages, the first being the main black floor, then the orange coatings were applied for the basketball area, the the top custom blue coating was poured.

After each coat dries properly, another coat can be applied to ensure the colour looks good and doesn’t have any streaks. After a few coats of the blue, chalk lines were again marked and then the court lines were taped. Next, several coatings of the white court lines were applied to create a stunning backyard sports court.