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Landscaping: Xeriscape & Mulch

Calgary Landscaping Services - Xeriscape & Mulch

A landscape space that conserves water such as xeriscape design and coonstruction using mulch.

Xeriscape & Mulch Video

Xeriscape is not (necessarily) gravel and cactus. It is A sustainable landscape that conserves water and uses sound horticultural practices. In practice this means using plants appropriate for a give space, so hot loving plants in the hot dry areas, shade loving plants in the moister shady areas, grouping plants with similar water needs. The use of an appropriate mulch is a key part of xeriscaping. We use two basic styles of mulching:

Inorganic mulch:

Typically this is an aggregate or crushed stone placed over a good quality landscape fabric (if you can poke your finger through it or tear it, it isn't good quality). Sometimes this is called weed barrier, but it is the mulch that does most of the weed suppression, not the fabric. The primary purpose of the fabric is to prevent the aggregate from blending with the soil below but at the same time allowing water and air movement.
  • Its heavy, so it stays put. A factor on more open or windy sites.
  • Doesn't break down, so as long as it is kept free of debris it is permanent.
  • Arguably a tidier finished appearance.

Organic mulch:

Typically in the Calgary market this is some form of wood product. A product of the lumber industry it is composed of bark and possibly chipped wood depending on the type of mulch. No fabric is used beneath it, as the organic material breaks down over time it becomes soil and more mulch is added to refresh. How often this is necessary depends on the environment and the type of mulch.
  • Less expensive initial cost
  • Doesn't break down, so as long as it is kept free of debris it is permanent.
  • Most closely resembles environment found in nature.

In addition to mulch being suitable for planting beds we also use it extensively in 'dead' zones like between houses where a clean finish is desired and turf grass doesn't grow well anyway. Save your turf inputs for the functional turf areas that function as play spaces for kids and pets or as a traditional front lawn that offsets your home as a design element.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Xeriscape & Mulch

landscape fabric to protect from weeds
Washed rock and river rock front yard garden beds
<ixing larger accent rocks with washed rock garden beds
washed rock low maintenance garden design bordering the lawn with Edgepro edging
Mulch garden base with Spring Tarda tulips
Colours of plantings stand out with black wood chip mulch
designer garden beds
Add curb appeal in washed rock base garden beds with different heights and colours of plantings
Revelstone rock features mixed with plantings for low maintenance beds