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Landscaping: Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Calgary Landscaping Services - Natural Stone Retaining Walls


Natural Stone retaining wall in this backyard landscaping project

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Changes in elevations can provide lots of design potential to make very interesting gardens. Terraces provide opportunities for flow in the garden and make small spaces seem bigger. Retaining walls can give a garden strong bones and be offset by interesting plant materials for a sensational looking garden. Retaining walls are also functional in providing flat spaces for play areas, patio, lawns, planting beds. The grading is one of the first elements of designing a garden, retaining options are explored early in the design process.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Natural Stone Retaining Walls

backyard patio with stone retaining wall
The retaining wall and ater feature are created from natural stone
natural stone retaining wall in front yard
natural stone retaining wall with armor stone
natural stone of different sizes used in this retaining wall
Lighter colour armour stone retaining walls
large armor stones used to create retaining and stairs
large blocky look of natural armor stone in this retaining wall
larger natural stones are used for steep slopes in this retaining wall
unique stone shapes in these retaining wall boulders
retaining walls and steps made from matching armor stone
firepit area surrounded by large natrual stone retaining walls
patio chairs match colours in natural armor stone