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Landscaping: Concrete Retaining Walls

Calgary Landscaping Services - Concrete Retaining Walls


Concrete retaining walls designed and constructed for backyard landscaping projects

Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining walls are poured in place on site and can be finished with a variety of colors and finishes. Exposed aggregate is popular as are more industrial looks or rag finish treatments where textures and colors can be added. The major disadvantage to concrete is it may crack, as all concrete has a tendency to do our climate, but that can be mitigated with good construction techniques. One of the major advantages of concrete walls is the flexibility in design. Stairs, walks, and patios can be incorporated that unifies the look and ties everything together. They also pair well with other paver type patio materials or natural materials. They are also a good choice where a higher engineered wall is required and can be curved or angular in layout.

Landscaping project examples using poured cement retaining walls

Sports Court - Aspen 003 landscaping project

Concrete was a logical choice for the external retaining walls as the main surface of the sports court was going to be a coated cement floor. This cement retaining wall had a smooth top and broom finish. Multiple terraces were designed to cut the sports court into the grade and therefore required strong cement retaining on the lower side. In the design, the design was to create a stepped down area to enter the rink which can act as a players body or a space to put on your skates before entering the rink. Although the walls could have been designed with a concrete block, this yard would not have reflected the look of the block due to the largest retaining area being on a non-visible side of the yard against the fence. It made more sense to use poured concrete on this project and it was more economical as the pours can happen sequentially. There is a special coloured coating applied to the Sports Court floor directly on to the cement. This final coating incorporates the colours and lines for the different sports being played which include basketball, hockey and pickle ball.

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backyard sports court with basketball nets and hockey boards
view of concrete steps and concrete pad poured as the base of the sports court
slooped yard required leveling and used poured cement retaining and foundation
Cement patio poured as part of the cement foundation overlooking the backyard sports court

Concrete walls are specific to any one landscape style, but where they really shine in modern – contemporary landscapes where strong angular shapes with crisp edges and a consistent simple texture is desired.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Concrete Retaining Walls

concrete structure and walls
landscaping construction included poured concrete for retaining and leveling yard
poured concrete structure to level backyard slope
poured concrete design including retaining walls, steps and seating area by beach
landscape design using poured concrete structure and retaining