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Landscaping: Stone Garden Fountains

Calgary Landscaping Services - Stone Garden Fountains

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Pondless water fountains such as bubbler rock or Basalt rock

Stone Garden Fountains

This style of water feature has been gaining popularity in recent years. They strike a balance between low maintenance and a substantial permanent garden feature. They work by recirculating water from a buried reservoir up thru a rock that has had a hole drilled thru it. The reservoir is often hidden beneath a grid that supports aggregates and rocks. Maintenance is modest, with topping up and cleaning occasionally during the growing season and winterization before winter to protect the plumbing and pump.

If you are wanting a water feature in your garden and wondering if this style is a good fit for you here are some things to consider:

  • Having the reservoir covered increases safety for small children and pets as there is no easy access to the open water.
  • Birds will be attracted to these bubble rocks as the water flowing over the surface is the perfect environment for them to splash around in.
  • From a design standpoint bubble rocks can be strong focal points in your garden. They can also be of a smaller scale and tucked in by a secondary sitting area to provide a little subtle relaxing sound of water.
  • Basalt rock can be used for a more vertically oriented feature, but almost any rock can be cored and made into a bubbler.
  • The amount of sound and flow can be controlled with a valve to suit your preference.
  • If you are including landscape lighting bubble rocks look stunning lit up at night.

Landscape lighting looks great in general but these feature really benefit from some lighting to accent their features at night.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Stone Garden Fountains

water pours from upper fountain into garden pond
backyard stone water fountain
pondless water feature with Basalt bubble rock fountains
pond-less water feature with lighting for evening views of landscaping features
low maintenance water feature in the corner of your garden