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Landscaping: Outdoor Privacy Screens

Calgary Landscaping Services - Outdoor Privacy Screens

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Outdoor Privacy Screens Video

As the saying goes - good fences make good neighbors - A well designed and well positioned fence or screen can go a long way toward enclosing your private space and increasing your enjoyment of your backyard. These can also be important for controlling wind and keeping pets safe. Lattice is a common material for privacy screens, but we have also used many other materials and even louvered hardware, so you have the choice to close the screen right down or open it up.


Not all lattice is created equal. Thicker lath secured at the joints makes a big difference as does sturdy framing.

Horizontal Privacy Screens

While lattice is still a classic look, the horizontal panel infill is becoming more popular. It suits traditional garden spaces, but fits in especially well with contemporary homes. Spacing and style of infill can vary, each screen we build is unique.
Cedar wood privacy screen in Heritage Pointe, Calgary
Outdoor privacy screen for the spa area with black hardware accents
This large privacy screen spans the width of this backyard pool
backyard spa privacy screen made in cedar
Aspen yard with a beautiful wood privacy screen
Sitting area with a low cedar privacy screen
Extending an outdoor living space in the front yard using this cedar privacy screens and fence
outdoor cedar privacy screen in Oakridge, Calgary
outdoor cedar privacy screen in Bonavista, Calgary

Composite Privacy Screens

With new advancements in materials and the rising cost of lumber we are doing more composite screens. These usually combine powder coated aluminum framing and composite infill for both longevity and low maintenance. Matching fences and gates can be made from the same materials.
Options for installing composite privacy fences and screens
composite boards used to create privacy in this backyard

Traditional Lattice Privacy Screens

Lattice is a classic landscape design element for privacy screens. We use a heavier lath (the wood slats) in either a diagonal or square pattern depending on the project. This is a durable timeless way of providing privacy but allowing air and some light to flow through
brown square pattern privacy screen
tall wood and lattice privacy screen
gate design with privacy screen
garden plants growing on privacy screen and pergola
enter this garden with a lattice gate and privacy screens
deck with built in privacy screen
Lattice privacy screen in Pergola design
Privacy wall in garden
plants growing on privacy screen
design your gate with privacy screens
lattice used in this private garden entrance

Aluminum & Glass Privacy Screens

A different look with your privacy screens can come from using frosted glass as inserts in your aluminum framed low maintenance privacy screens.
All low maintenance from decking to the frosted rainglass and alminumum post privacy screens
This style of frosted glass on the privacy screen doesn not show dirt easily

Custom Privacy Screens

There are many other options for custom screens like metal panels, retractable screens, and louvered hardware to name a few.
adjustable privacy screen around spa
Cedar wood privacy screen with custom metal inserts
custom metal cutouts for privacy screen design
Hot tub privacy screen with an added retractable screen