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Landscaping: Landscaping Plants & Trees

Calgary Landscaping Services - Landscaping Plants & Trees

Ornamental Plants | Fruit Trees & Shrubs | Plants to Attract Wildlife

A landscape space that conserves water such as xeriscape design and coonstruction using mulch.

Landscaping Plants & Trees

Your garden should reflect your personality and lifestyle and the plants you grow is a big part of that. We have many years of experience combining the best plants for seasonal color and texture, hardiness, and special traits like fruit production, bloom, fall color, deer resistance etc. You may want to key on a certain color scheme, lots of roses, a cottage perennial border, or just stuff that will look after itself with minimal care. This is the part where the landscape comes alive.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Landscaping Plants & Trees

Heyer 12 edible apple tree
Cranberry bushes in your yard add colour
Crabapple tree has white spring flowers
Ornamental Saskatoon shrub in your garden
Calgary yard with Chokecherries
Sour cherry preservatives made from this tree
variety of plants in your garden
Deer do not like to eat these flowering aliums
Busy bees in the garden flowers
bright garden choices for plantings
Coneflowers attract butterflies
Bees and butterfiles enjoying the flowers
Cone flowers to attract butterflies and bees
Garden flowers to attract butterflies
Yarrow grows well in clay soil and attracts butterflies and bees
Fall colours in your garden
gardens with all season plantings provide interest
ornamental plants add interest to garden beds
Fall brings beautiful colour combinations with your ornamental plants
Sedums and purple coneflowers add colour
garden beds with colour
Perrenials planted for colour in the garden
cone flower cultivars
Using plant choices for height in your garden
The care free Yarrow in your garden
Yarrow yellow blooms with Purple Liatris for colour