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Garden Water Features

Calgary Landscaping Services - Water Features

Precast Garden Fountains | Pondless Stone Garden Fountains | Garden Ponds & Backyard Waterfalls

waterfalls, fountains and ponds in your garden

Garden Water Features Video

Incorporating water in your garden will bring it to life! Moving water is soothing and the pleasant and we are naturally attracted to it. The sound of water can be designed to be soothing or to help mask unwanted sounds and enhance your private space. Birds and other wildlife are naturally attracted to water and with the right design, a water feature in your garden can act as a focal point. We can incorporate water features of all shapes and sizes and are not limited any particular style and have experience with both their design and construction in the challenging Calgary climate. There are many factors to consider when deciding what kind of water feature is right for your garden. We can help you narrow it down and make your water feature something special!

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Water Features

a fountain in the center of this vegetable garden
a fountain in the center of the patio design
The corner of this garden has a precast water fountain
A stream with waterfalls join these two ponds in this backyard
backyard lily pond with waterfall
peaceful lounging area designed beside waterfalls and backyard pond
stream and waterfalls through backyard garden