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Landscaping: Garden Terrace & Roof Structures

Calgary Landscaping Services - Garden Terrace & Roof Structures

A garden terrace in your backyard

Garden Terrace & Roof Structures

Having a roof to sit under whether it is a garden terrace or a sructure with a roof extension can bring an all weather enjoyment into your outdoor living space.

An idea for an outdoor living space with privacy is converting an upper deck into a complete outdoor living space such as a screened porch or sunroom concept or more open air style with a roof and skylights. The open air concept allows you to easily add an outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace for a muli-use style outdoor living area in acozy space.


Sometimes the option of a roof extension to an already existing structure can bring the all weather experience to your yard.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Garden Terrace & Roof Structures

patio roof
landscape design with patio and roof
rain protection under patio roof
Pergola and patio roof structure
protection and privacy with roof structure over backyard spa
Roof over hot tub on patio
Garden Roof extended from garage
Garden pergola
Wood burning fireplace in pergola structure made with stone
patio roof structure