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Landscaping: Precast Garden Fountains

Calgary Landscaping Services - Precast Garden Fountains

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Precast garden water fountain fountain

Precast Garden Fountains

Precast Fountains come in an infinite number of sizes and styles. They are usually made from concrete and include all the plumbing, reservoir, pump, and fittings. Larger fountains will require a solid footing but smaller ones can be treated much like bird baths or other statuary in the garden and placed with fewer limitations. Maintenance is manageable, with topping up the water and occasional cleaning required during the growing season and then a winterization at the end of the season to protect from damaging effects of water expanding and freezing in pumps, lines, and basins.

If you are wanting a water feature in your garden and wondering if this style is a good fit for you here are some things to consider:

  • Can be formal, or informal, modern or natural looking depending on what style suits your space.
  • Precast fountains make a strong visual statement and can anchor the garden space as a focal point.
  • If you want to attract birds, this style of fountain provides lots of surfaces for them to perch and bath.
  • The amount of sound precast fountains produce can be controlled both in the selection of the feature but also controlled with a valve on the plumbing so you can have a soothing trickle or a more raucous flow to drown out unwanted background sound.
  • If you are following a landscape design theme, for example a Mediterranean garden theme, or you want an old world Europe feel, precast fountains can be a good choice.

Where excavation is impossible or impractical, Precast Fountains are your best bet as the entire feature is above grade.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Precast Garden Fountains

a fountain in the center of this vegetable garden
a water fountain in the garden
water fountain in center of patio
a fountain in the center of the patio design
water fountain featured in the center of the patio
a fountain in the corner gardens
The corner of this garden has a precast water fountain