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Landscaping: Garden Ponds & Waterfalls

Calgary Landscaping Services - Garden Ponds & Waterfalls

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Water features such as a waterfall into a lilly pond is peaceful in your yard

Garden Ponds & Waterfalls

Usually these are constructed to look natural using materials such as stone and various sized aggregate. Lined with a flexible liner these features can include such features as bio-filters to help to stabalize the pond ecology and minimize water changes and maintenance. Plant materials from full aquatics through to a wide variety of marginals can be used to enhance the water features. As there is typically a sheet of water, or multiple sheets of water depending on the size, these features usually provide the best sound as well as being pleasing to look at.

Ponds and Waterfalls - A Design Perspective

If you are interested in a waterfall with pond and possibly a stream, this is where we can really start to get creative with our landscape design. Often formed to be natural looking, these features can be fairly simple with a recirculating waterfall into a modest pond or form an entire ecosystem with bio-filters, aquatic and marginal plants, multiple ponds, streams, fish, bogs, and maybe even frogs! It can be a spectacular way to showcase a sloping site, but if you don’t have that topography to work with, we can find a way to change the grade to create a natural looking water feature.

If you are wanting a water feature in your garden and wondering if this style is a good fit for you here are some things to consider:

  • Due to open water and plant and animal life expect higher maintenance on this type of feature. We can provide ongoing care and maintenance programs to help with that.
  • Of all the water feature options this one gives the most sound due to the sheets of water formed with the water falls.
  • By including multiple falls and streams and the natural nature of these features, they become the most attractive to wildlife. More than just birds, you have the opportunity to introduce fish and may even end up hosting dragon flies, amphibians, and bringing in small mammals for a drink.
  • Also expect a bit of a learning curve if you are new to this style of feature. The rewards and enjoyment are worth it, but a good discussion about objectives and a detailed landscape design is a good idea first to manage expectations.

If you are installing an irrigation system in your project consider adding an automatic top up valve to make maintaining pond levels easy.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Garden Ponds & Waterfalls

backyard ponds with stream and waterfalls
water cascades down this backyard stream and waterfalls
This natural stone water feature incorporates a waterfall and pond
natural stone water feature with waterfall and pond
water feature in your yard with stream, waterfalls and pond
flower gardens around backyard waterfall and pond water feature
water feature with waterfalls and pond designed into two levels of retaining walls
backyard water feature located near patio and sitting area
natural stone water feature wtih waterfall and pond
water feature made with natural stone
Backyard bubble rock and pond
backyard stream
small pond and waterfall
large lily pond at the bottom of this backyard stream
garden plantings in the backyard pond and waterfall
waterfall coming from the backyard pond
water pumps feed water back into the upper pond with waterfalls
Lily pads in the pond
lily pads and water lilies in your backyard pond
backyard stream flowing into lower pond
natural stone stream and ponds in your backyard
garden design with a pond
low maintenance water feature