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Landscaping: Garden Edging & Concrete Curbing

Calgary Landscaping Services - Garden Edging & Concrete Curbing

Garden Edging | Concrete Curbing

Deck construction with composite decking boards

Garden Edging & Concrete Curbing

Edging in the home landscape is used primarily to separate different materials like beds or aggregates from turf, or to define property boundaries. Edging materials are key to a low maintenance landscape and need to be durable, long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. We primarily use four type of edging in our landscape projects, Poured Concrete Curbing, Edgepro polypropylene edging, Aluminum edging, and treated wood. All provide a border between turf and bedding areas and reduce or eliminate edging and string trimming chores. The selection of what edging to use depends on several factors and each material has it’s own merits.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Garden Edging & Concrete Curbing

Edgepro garden edging used in frontyard landscaping
Edgepro edging in Calgary front yard garden
Plantings stand out in low maintenance gardens with concrete curbs
patterns on the concrete curbs
dark mulch garden edged with concrete curbs
Concrete curbs around garden beds
no lawn edging required with concrete curbing
Easy lawn maintenance with concrete curbs
front yard landscaping with concrete curbs
concrete curbs in grey
Red concrete curbs
concrete edging also called curbs