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Landscaping: Fruit Trees & Shrubs

Calgary Landscaping Services - Fruit Trees & Shrubs

Ornamental Plants | Fruit Trees & Shrubs | Plants to Attract Wildlife

A landscape space that conserves water such as xeriscape design and coonstruction using mulch.

Fruit Trees & Shrubs

Many varieties of fruiting trees and shrubs are suitable for your area. Apples, sour cherries, saskatoons, Nanking cherry, and raspberries top the most reliable list. Saskatoon pie from your own garden cannot be beat. Other options like pear or apricot are hit and miss being early bloomers. The bloom times are critical for availability of pollinators or late frosts. Harsh winter temperatures can hill the flower buds on any give year in the less hardy varieties. Despite its challenges this is a worthy objective and most have excellent ornamental value as well.


There are many perennial plants with edible traits as well such as Lovage, Rhubarb, Asparagus, Mint, Sage, and Thyme to name a few.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Fruit Trees & Shrubs

Heyer 12 edible apple tree
Cranberry bushes in your yard add colour
Crabapple tree has white spring flowers
Ornamental Saskatoon shrub in your garden
Calgary yard with Chokecherries
Sour cherry preservatives made from this tree