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Garden Edging & Curbing

Calgary Landscaping Services - Concrete Curbing

Garden Edging | Concrete Curbing

Low maintenance decorative concrete curbing in this garden.

Garden Edging & Curbing Video

Poured concrete edging is made with a machine that extrudes wet concrete thru a mold after which the installers apply a pattern, if applicable, and make control joints. Control joints are small grooves in the concrete where any cracking due to movement will occur and not be visible. Release agents are then applied, which are dyes giving the finished product the multiple tones to the coloring. Lastly a sealer is applied to protect the colors and provide more longevity.

  • Poured concrete curbing gives your property an upscale look providing crisp definition between different materials.
  • A wide variety of colors, patterns and styles make this a very versatile product in the landscape. Complimenting other materials such as patios or mulch is easily accomplished.
  • Concrete curbing excels as an edging between lawns and beds, often eliminating the need for regular string trimming altogether.
  • Sweeping curves can be made with concrete curbs for a softer feel or straight lines for a more contemporary style.

Flat or Low Angle curbing is best for a mowing edge to minimize trimming required. A Higher Angle curb is more suitable if a 'raised bed' effect is desired.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Concrete Curbing

low maintenance concrete curbs in front yard
concrete curbing seperates lawn from washed rock
landscape design framed gardens with low maintenance concrete curbing
Patterns on concrete curbs
concrete curbing provides a nice design framework to your garden areas
low maintenance lawn care with concrete curbsg
Concrete curbs frame the garden edge against the lawn
Grey coloured concrete curbs
concrete curbs in a red colour
low maintenance concrete curb in red