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Pools & Spas

Calgary Landscaping Services - Backyard Spas

Inground pools and backyard spas are becoming popular landscaping features to add to your Calgary yard.

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There are a multitude of reasons to incorporate a spa into your backyard. From the therapeutic benefits to the 'unplugged' couples or family time they provide, to the fact they can be used in all four seasons - spas area a popular investment. Siting and incorporating a spa appropriately into your landscape can greatly enhance your enjoyment. Privacy, accessibility, views, non-slip surfaces, and cover systems among other factors are all considered in the design phase. Where appropriate adding a deck surround can not only make it easier to enter and exit a spa, but it can also make it appear more built into the landscape by visually reducing its physical mass.


When building a deck adjacent to a spa, a height of around 18 inches (45cm) allows users to sit on the edge of the spa and swing their legs into or out of the spa easily.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Backyard Spas

wood deck designed and built around backyard spa
landscaping included cedar deck to surround the backyard spa
The landscape design considered the slope of the yard to set the spa deeper into the cedar deck
landscaping included backyard spa constructed into cedar deck and pergola
Backyard cedar deck with spa and adjustable privacy screen
backyard spa built in cedar deck overlooks pool and water feature
backyard spa location designed into retaining walls
Stairs constructed from composite decking for easy access to the backyard spa
Easy access to backyard spa from deck