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Landscaping: Backyard Patios

Calgary Landscaping Services - Backyard Patios

Paver Patios | Concrete Patios | Exposed Aggregate

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Backyard patios can be constructed from a wide selection of patio pavers or can be constructed from concrete options such as stamped concrete or exposed aggregate.

Paver patios are a very popular option for Calgary clients for many reasons. There have been many advancements in the stone block pavers over the past few years. The designs of the block have become very stylish and offer options of many sizes, including larger format pavers. Many have different size options within the same product line allowing our team to design a unique or modern looking patio. The colour choices and textures on the pavers have also advanced which can make your patio area into a focal point in your backyard landscaping. Beyond the design of the pavers, the polymeric sand products have advanced which allows your patios to have a strength like an outdoor grout, which not only allows for better water drainage away from your patio limiting shifting and heaving. The other benefit to the advancements in polymeric sand is it hardens (similar to a grout) which also limits the weed growth between the stones on your patio.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Backyard Patios

Patioflame gas firepit
front landscaping with exposed aggregate walks and step
exposed aggregate walks joining stamped concrete patio
sidewalks and patios with stamped concrete and exposed aggregate
patios and walks with stamped concrete
Ashlar slate look on stamped concrete patio
Poolside patio wtih stamped concrete
backyard patio and walks with stamped concrete
concrete walks in a broom finish
exposed aggregate on backyaed patio
Exposed aggregate patio at acreage landscaping
curved designs in walks and patios using exposed aggregate concrete
simple exposed aggregate steps and patio
concrete steps made with exposed aggregate
poolside patio design made with cobble pavers
backyard round patio designed with Grand Flagstone pavers
Large firepit and tilestone paver patio
Cobble paver patio stones
Unique patio designs using cobble pavers
Beautiful colour and pattern of Rocky Mountain blend pavers in this backyard patio
Front yard patio constructed with Roman Euro pavers
Patio pattern created using Rocky Mountain blend paver stones
Modern angles in these garden beds are from the patio designed with Dimensional Flagstone pavers
Garden Grand Flagstone patio is the focal point of this outdoor space
Roman paver patio stones used on the walks and patio space
The patterns of the Victoriam paver stones make a unique backyard patio
Roof and fireplace structure on this cobble paver patio
A mix of Roman Pisa blcoks for the landing with the patio in Roman pavers
Backyard patio blocks called Dimensional Flagstone pavers
Modern look with artificial grass and Dimensional Flagstone paver patio
Landscaping design with random pattern with the Roman pavers in this patio
backyard patio design with Roman pavers
Roman paver patio in Calgary backyard
frame round backyard patio with Roman pavers
Backyard patio levels constructed with Verano pavers
Lanscaping project with low maintenance yard and Roman paver patio
Backyard patio designed with Verano paver stones
Paver patio designed with Verano pavers
roof designed over patio
Calgary backyard in Aspen with new patio, artificial grass and low maintenance gardens
Patio stone blocks in different sizes create a modern pattern for this backyard dining area
Dimensional flagstone large format patio blocks
Refreshing pool in your backyard designed by The Landscape Artist
Curved design of pathways lead to the pool
Stamped concrete pool deck with built in motorized pool cover
Front yard garden beds designed and constructed in Calgary community Woodbine
Private front yard sitting area and rounded poured cement walks
back yard has a slight slope therefore using retaining wall blocks around the pool
The design of the patio stones blending to the poured concrete pool deck
Beautiful low maintenance gardens designed in this Calgary backyard
This Calgary backyard has a relaxing pool for the hot summer days
Calgary backyard in Aspen with new patio and putting green
Calgary backyard in Aspen with backyard putting green
Calgary backyard in Aspen with backyard patio, low maintenance gardens and putting green
Putting green located just off the second patio space for relaxing and cooking
large stone block patio spans the yard from the back steps to this seating area
Never miss the action from the putting green with the seating and cooking area on the patio
Low maintenance composite deck with aluminum railings