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Landscaping: Backyard Sports Courts

Calgary Landscaping Services - Backyard Sports Courts

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Kids of all ages will appreciate what we can provide for your backyard. We can help incorporate a trampoline or traditional climbing and swinging structure into an appropriate place and with an appropriate surface beneath like pea gravel or rubber tiles. Playing courts utilizing Sport Court tiles and accessories provide a durable, safe, and flexible product well suited to our climate. You can use all year and even flood in the winter for skating and hockey. We can also incorporate a checker/chess board into a patio, a swing into a pergola and other creative options to get the maximum use out of your outdoor spaces.

Sport court design is a combination of how much space is available, budget, and what types of sports are to be played. A good size is about 6m x 9m (20'x30') which allows for modified half court basketball and short court games like pickleball, perhaps some hockey. If an official sport is to be played permanent lines can be made in the surface. The beauty of this system is your kids can go from rid-em toys up to teens playing sports all on the same court system.


Part of our design process is to discuss how your backyard will evolve over the time you plan to use it and often there is a progression for a play area to transition as your family grows.

Follow a sports court build posted on social media

Watch this series of short videos we produced for social media of a sports court build in Calgary. This sports court was designed on a sloped yard and required a poured cement structure. The courts were designed to have permanent hockey boards as well as basketball nets.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Backyard Sports Courts

backyard basketball court and play space
backyard basketball court and play area
Backyard basketball court and kids sports court
backyard sports court with basketball nets and hockey boards
all seasoon sports court for summer and winter sports
slooped yard required leveling and used poured cement retaining and foundation
backyard sports court shows unique location on the lot
backyard sports court was designed as large as possible for this pie shaped yard