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Landscaping: Southwest Calgary 001

SW Calgary - Southwest Calgary 001

This infill style home in Southwest Calgary is a good example of what can be done with a smaller garden. The original layout had a single tree and a basic deck that filled most of the space. The new garden now includes a new landing, patio in Dimensional Flagstone paver slabs, and a small portable gas fire-pit for evening enjoyment and an area to barbeque off to the side.

Dealing with courtyard sized areas is challenging at times. This space is 7.6m x 7.6m (25’ x 25’) but with careful layout it feels much larger. The Dimensional Flagstone slabs chosen for the project lend themselves well to an orthogonal pattern which we adjusted to provide planting spaces for a variety of hardy plants and some Columnar spruce trees for vertical accent and evergreen texture.

Landscape design by The Landscape Artist
Landscape construction by The Landscape Artist

Landscaping Project Photos

SW Calgary - Southwest Calgary 001

Dimensional Flagstone slabs create backyard patio space
stone block steps
Patio design to make brest use of small backyard space
lao mwaintenance gardens around patio
backyard fire pit
backyard dining, lounging and sitting by the fire
selected plantings and mulch for garden beds
fire pit on patio

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