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Landscaping: Heritage Pointe 001

SE Calgary - Heritage Pointe 001

When called upon to landscape this Heritage Pointe property it was obvious there was a great deal of potential. An outdoor fireplace area and a large water feature with a stream were desired along with a complete renovation of the planting spaces for the avid gardener in the family.

We incorporated new stairs into the existing rough sandstone wall and utilized the slope of the property to direct a stream flanked by beds to a pond at the bottom of the property. A spacious patio with wood burning fireplace and cedar pergola anchor the bottom of the garden and this feature draws visitors down thru the garden towards it. Concrete curbs, irrigation, and lighting are added features of this project.

Designing this yard had a few challenges, primarily drainage where the yard had so much clay and if it rained, the ground would turn into a soggy mess. Previous owners let the local growth overcome the yard space so it was necessary to design and construct a retaining wall. The owners really wanted a stream, so the design plan incorporated a large stream with waterfalls and a large lilly pond. Designing the patio spaces for seating and relaxing was easy with this beautiful yard. Unique features were designed incorporating including adding a bridge to walk over the stream as well as a large pergola structure with outdoor fireplace.
Landscape construction by The Landscape Artist

Landscaping Project Video

Landscaping Project Photos

SE Calgary - Heritage Pointe 001

backyard patio design with gardens and water feature
garden fireplace
outdoor fireplace and structure designed with storage
patio seating area by waterfalls
backyard water feature with waterfalls and ponds
patio by stream and pond
backyard ponds and waterfalls
landscaping design view after completion of construction


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