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Landscaping: Cranston 002

SE Calgary - Cranston 002

Located in the south-east Calgary community of Cranston, this sloped yard was designed with a modern look using poured cement with the exposed aggregate look and incorporated terraces for patio spaces as well as a relaxing area with artificial grass.

Poured cement allowed some flexibility with our designer to incorporate a safe staircase stepping down the very sloped yard to exit to the river while incoporating low maintenance gardens.

With a view of the river you want to maintain, the terraces were designed to not require railings. The patio and grass spaces are framed on the edges with low maintenance gardens which adds both a modern look but safety for guests.

Landscape design by The Landscape Artist
Landscape construction by The Landscape Artist

Landscaping Project Photos

SE Calgary - Cranston 002

Cement retaining walls with the exposed aggregate finish
Cement retaining walls poured in terraces including an artificial grass area
trees planted in low maintenance gardens on edges of terraces rather than installing railings
concrete curbing accents the front yard gardens
low maintenance rock mulch is framed by the exposed aggregate conrete retaining walls
concrete retaining walls incorporate a safe staircase to exit the yard below
low maintenance aluminum fencing surrounds the dog run
low maintenance artificial grass was designed into this modern looking patio
The view of the river without requiring railings on this poured cement patio space
low maintenance yard surrounds the poured cement retaining and patio spaces
Viewing the landscape design from the lower level showing the cement retaining
A view of the unusable backyard prior to The Landscape Artists design and construction


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