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Retaining Walls - Natural Stone

Outdoor kitchen with gas grill in fieldstone base
landscaping included backyard spa constructed into cedar deck and pergola
natural stone retaining wall
backyard natural stone retaining wall with pond
front yard landscaping with natural stone retaining wall
large armor stone retaining wall
different sized armor stone retaining wall
armour stone retaining walls in a tan or beige colour
stairs and retaining created from large natural stone
larger armor stones used for larger spaces
steep slope in backyard with natural armor stone retaining walls
large stone boulder retaining wall
Steps are made of the same armor stone as the retaining walls
natural looking retaining walls with large stones
Several colours in natural armor stones
larger Grand Flagstone paver patio
Backyard patio constructed with Tilestone pavers
Larger pavers such as the Dimensional Flagstone create nice angles with the garden beds
Cuved patio and walks designed with Grand Flagstone pavers
Dimensional Flagstone paver patio has nice texture
Large backyard paver patio constructed with Dimensional Flagstone pavers
vegetable gardens designed beside deck stairs

Retaining Walls - Stone Block

patio design for backyard spa using Pisa2 retaining wall
retaining wall blocks frame garden spaces on steep slope
Pisa2 retaining wall blocks used in landscape design
raised garden beds and steps built from Pisa2 retaining wall blocks
Steps and retaining wall made from Roman Pisa blocks
Curved retaining wall design using retaining wall blocks
Roman Pisa retaining wall blocks used for patio landing and steps
Raised garden beds created from Belvedere retaining wall blocks
Belvedere retaining wall blocks build structure for patio landing
Roman Pisa blocks build the base of this landing
Garden terraces created from Belvedere retaining wall blocks
Rosetta retaining wall blocks for large spaces
ROman Stackstone blocks used to create garden beds

Retaining Walls - Treated Wood

Retaining Walls - Block

With our landscaping services, we offer the design and construction of retaining walls. Please vew our photo galleries of retaining wall ideas which include options such as wood or timbre retaining walls, retaining wall blocks, natural stone retaining walls and cement retaining walls.