Bonavista Feature 2

Located in the mature south-east Calgary neighborhood of Lake Bonavista, this property was due for a facelift. Rotting wood decks, overgrown shrubs and other tired landscaping gave way for a gas fireplace seating area adjacent to a putting green, water feature, and larger dining patio. In a private corner of the property we located the spa. Some existing trees were retained including a healthy cut-leaf weeping birch.

As the shape of this space is longer than it is deep and the views from inside the home overlook many parts of the garden from different angles we had the opportunity to layout this garden with different rooms that flow from one to another. The patio adjacent to the fireplace is for a more intimate grouping but can also be used to observe the golfers. The gentle sound of flowing water from the pond ties the three main areas together and acts as a focal point from several perspectives.

20130905 IMG 6147BONAVST 04 2
20130905 IMG 6149BONAVST 04 3
20130905 IMG 6165BONAVST 04 11
20130905 IMG 6171BONAVST 04 12
20130905 IMG 6173BONAVST 04 14
20130905 IMG 6179BONAVST 04 15
20130905 IMG 6196BONAVST 04 18
20130905 IMG 6203BONAVST 04 22

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